Yahoo CEO Bartz passed in 2013 leaving no intention to seek re-election

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IDG (the TaoBeijing August 30, according to U.S. technology blog Silicon Alley Insider (SAI) reported that a source said on MondayYahoo CEO Carol Bartz (Carol Bartz) to seek re-election matter has no interestIf nothing else, Bartz current work contract expired, she left in 2013.

传雅虎CEO巴茨无意谋求连任 2013年离职(图)

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz (Artesyn Technologies with map)

This name familiar Bartz insider said: "Bartz is already in a state ready to leave, so the search for the next CEO of Yahoo, not interested in the issue I worry about her now are some of 'out' the meaning."

But another source said Yahoo's board does not agree with this view. This name source said: "Yahoo's board believes that Bartz very capableYahoo's board had done a lot of hope that she do: repair theplatform to meet the needs of users and advertisersincrease profit margins, etc. Yahoo's board nextBartz and his team hopes to work with close coordinationso that Yahoo can achieve more robust long-term growth. "

However, there is no second source said Yahoo's board has renewed work on the start to discusscontractual matters and Bartz.

SAI believes that the near term, Yahoo's board will not offer to Bartz early separationfor two reasons:FirstBartz took officedid a lot of work, but these efforts are not recognized by the outside worldFor exampleBartz has taken measures to curb government spending and upgrading of Yahoo's content distribution systembut these measures have not been outside praiseSecondly, because Yahoo's board itself "to act passiveunrealistic," so Bartz still retain its current CEO position.

All in allBartz current work contract expires in 2013Yahoo's board will not renew the contract with her.